Rust Protection Products for Ajax and Pickering

Stop by Ajax Pickering Rust Check for a wide range of versatile aerosol products specifically designed for use at home on cars, trucks and equipment. Easy to apply and proven to inhibit corrosion, the Rust Check group of products are essential to have in your arsenal of preventative maintenance products. We carry the following Rust Check products:

Bed Liner and Industrial Strength Coating

Bed Liner and Industrial Strength Coating

  • Ultra chemical resistant
  • Seals out moisture and corrosion
  • Remains permanently flexible
  • Abrasive resistant
  • A great anti-skid coating
  • Use for touching up tears, scratches and chips in liquid bed liners
  • Requires 4-6 cans to cover average pick -up truck bed

Hi-Build Stone Shield

  • Premium rubberized rocker guard
  • Ideal protection for rocker panels
  • Optimum rubber content for maximum protection
  • Paintable when dry
  • Durable yet resilient to resist chipping

Black Undercoating

  • Protects against rust and chipping
  • Repairs scars and tears
  • Retains elasticity to recover from damage caused by stones and debris
  • Ideal for chassis and wheel wells

Rust Protection

Rust Converter

  • Converts rust to a paintable primer on all metal surfaces

Rust Inhibitor

  • Protect new and old metals
  • Deep penetrating and long lasting
  • Lubricates and prevents seizing

Rust Killer

  • Prevents rust from spreading and restores appearance
  • Provides a primed surface for all coats - can be applied directly over rust
  • No sanding required
  • Resist high temperatures and common chemicals
  • Touch up surface spots, auto body repairs, frame rails, axels, differentials and trailer hitches, etc.
  • Protects all type of tools, machinery and metal structures

Paints and Primers

Rust Paint

  • For clean or rusted metal
  • Superior rust protection
  • Outstanding gloss retention
  • No primer required
  • Durable finish
  • Fast dry

Filler Primer

  • Fills deep scratches and minor imperfections
  • Fast drying

Coat and Protect

  • Coats and protects new and old metals
  • Wear resistant corrosion protection
  • Heavy duty lubrication
  • Resists severe weather conditions
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